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Joby Patterson is an art historian who specializes in the history of printmaking. She discovered fine prints while a resident of Oxford, England, where she researched them in the Bodleian Library, visited the Ashmolean Museum to see them, then crossed to the High Street dealers where she could find high quality prints to purchase.

Other books by Joby Patterson

Dr. Patterson is the author of two other books, Wooden Churches of the Carpathians and Bertha E. Jaques and The Chicago Society of Etchers. Read more about them below.

Wooden Churches of the Carpathians

Wooden Churches of the Carpathians

Pages from Wooden Churches of the Carpathians

In the early 1970s, when Joby was living in Romania, she became enchanted by the wooden churches of the northern district, and realized that publications she found did not answer her questions concerning the architectural and cultural history surrounding the buildings. She was granted a Fulbright Fellowship in order to research the churches. The results of this study are found in Wooden Churches of the Carpathians (New York: East European Monographs, Columbia University Press, 2001).

Below is a review of the book on Amazon:

Here, at long last, is a full and serious description of those most wonderful of all wooden churches, those of the Maramures region straddling the Romanian-Ukrainian border. Dr. Patterson clearly knows and loves her subject and has brought all that knowledge and love to the writing of this book.

This is a serious work of art history and excellent introduction to the subject: the development of these churches and their relationship to the local vernacular architecture and the churches of the wider region eastern Central Europe. It is fully illustrated with pertinent photographs, in black and white, and diagrams, though the quality of the reproduction does leave a little to be desired.

Equally valuable, there is a full gazetteer, with the alternate place names in the various languages, where relevant, a comprehensive schedule of buildings and a detailed map. All the book lacks is, sadly, an index.

Don’t be put off by “a serious work of art history”; whether you are going to visit the region or you just love old wooden churches or, like me, both, this book is to be highly recommended.

View full review on Amazon.com here.

Bertha E. Jaques and The Chicago Society of Etchers

Cover of Bertha E. Jaques and The Chicago Society of Etchers

Cover of Bertha E. Jaques and The Chicago Society of Etchers

In 1995, Joby began research in early twentieth century American print history and the Chicago Society of Etchers on a Smithsonian fellowship which resulted in her book on the society and the period, Bertha E. Jaques and The Chicago Society of Etchers. 

Pages from Bertha E. Jaques and The Chicago Society of Etchers

Pages from Bertha E. Jaques and The Chicago Society of Etchers

Following is one of the reviews it received on Amazon:

This book is worthwhile for much more valuable information than its title may suggest. It’s an excellent survey of the second American etching revival, which took place in printmaking during the early Twentieth Century.

Well documented, easy to read, and chock full of fascinating information about the remarkable etching advocate Jaques, it also tells a great deal about the activities of a host of other printmakers.

The volume’s four appendices, copious notes, extensive bibliography, and index make this book a reference well worth the price to scholars of American printmaking history.

View full reviews on Amazon.com here.

She has, until recently, taught History of Printmaking at University of Oregon, Eugene.

Contact Joby at NBHbook@gmail.com .

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