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Norma Bassett Hall: Catalogue Raisonné of the Block Prints and Serigraphs (Portland, Oregon: Pomegranate Communications, 2014, $50 US, $60 Can), is expected to be available Fall, 2014.

It is being published by Pomegranate and will be available for purchase here.

For the first time, the life and work of Norma Bassett Hall has been collected in one fully illustrated volume featuring a catalogue raisonné and biography which reveals her remarkable role in the history of the early 20th century American printmaking.

The book, in full color, contains over 110 illustrations of Norma’s work, and more than 40 photos, drawings and preparatory work for prints, and biographical information. In addition, it contains three appendices, including a listing of the graphic work of Arthur William Hall (1889-1983).

The biography of Norma and her artist-spouse Arthur William Hall covers the thirty-five years of their adventurous lives. From the windy coasts of Oregon, to the rocky pastures of heartland Kansas, from the Indian pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona, to the idyllic inlets of Scotland and the villages of France, Norma found a wealth of material to interpret in color on the wood block.

Below are some sample pages, revealing the full color and layout:

Norma Bassett Hall book pages

Beginning of Chapter 2

Example of art in the book

Two of the 108 color reproductions in the book


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